Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance Colonna Sonora

Date un’occhiata alla lista tracce della colonna sonora di Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance, il film d’azione fantasy di prossima uscita diretto da Mark Neveldine e Brian Taylor e con Nicolas Cage:

Ghost Rider 2 Original Colonna Sonora Originale
Musica di David Sardy.

1. Maybe You’ve Heard of Me
2. On the Road
3. The Order Under Attack
4. Danny Escapes / Car Chase
5. Moreau Meets Blaze
6. We Will Lift Your Curse
7. Bad People Only / Thunder and Lightning
8. Night Car Chase
9. Pulled from the Car
10. Ghost Rider Arrives
11. At The Hospital / We’ve Got Danny
12. Tell Me Why I Can Trust You
13. Her Story
14. Who Can Tell Us
15. Danny Crashes Truck / Take the Van
16. I’m Not Afraid of You
17. Johnny Tries to Contain Ghost Rider
18. Arrive At the Quarry
19. Rescue Danny from the Quarry
20. Well… Um… Kill It!
21. Guns and the Bagger
22. He Is Coming / Let Her Go
23. You’re Not Done
24. The Power of Decay
25. You’re Safe Here
26. The Wine Cellar
27. You Must Confess
28. The Exorcism
29. It Worked / Lied To
30. Kill the Boy
31. Van Arrives to Meet Dad
32. Meet Dad
33. Afraid of You
34. Danny is the One Good Thing
35. The Ritual Begins
36. Darkness and Decay
37. Bring Back Ghost Rider
38. Chase Down the Devil
39. Send the Devil Back to Hell
40. The Angel, I Can Feel Him
41. Ghost Rider Theme
Ghost Rider 2 Canzone - Ghost Rider 2 Musica - Ghost Rider 2 Colonna Sonora

La colonna sonora di Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance uscirĂ  il 14 febbraio 2012.