Mr. Beaver Colonna sonora

Date un’occhiata alla lista tracce della colonna sonora di Mr. Beaver, la commedia drammatica di prossima uscita diretta da Jodie Foster e con Mel Gibson:

Colonna sonora originale di Mr.Beaver
Musica di Marcelo Zarvos

1. Walter and Beaver Jogging
2. Walter Meets the Beaver
3. Rise of the Beaver
4. The Beaver Becomes a Phenomenon
5. The Beaver Medley
6. Today Will Set You Free
7. Wipe the Slate Clean
8. A Breakthrough
9. Leaving Home
10. Porter At the Station
11. Nora’s Speech
12. The Balcony
13. I Don’t Want to Sleep Anymore
14. Meet Walter Black
15. Porter’s Room
16. Do You Want to Get Better?
17. I Want You Not Him
18. Can Your Mother Stitch?
19. He’s Not Well
Canzone di Mr. Beaver - Musica di Mr.Beaver - Colonna sonora di Mr.Beaver

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