Much Ado About Nothing Colonna Sonora

Ecco la lista tracce della colonna sonora di Much Ado About Nothing, l’adattamento di Joss Whedon del classico di Shakespeare:

Much Ado About Nothing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Musica di Joss Whedon.

1. Main Title
2. Arrival
3. Hero
4. If I Had My Mouth
5. To the Death
6. Sigh No More (feat. Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon)
7. Beauty Is a Witch
8. A Double Heart
9. Perfectest Herald
10. The Only Love Gods
11. Borachio
12. The Gulling (Part 1)
13. The Gulling (Part 2)
14. The Gulling (Part 3)
15. Love On
16. Disloyal
17. A Thousand Ducats
18. Wedding Day
19. Madam Withdraw
20. Wedding March
21. Left for Dead
22. Is Not That Strange
23. I Am Engaged
24. A Word in Your Ear
25. How Innocent She Died
26. Heavily (feat. Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon)
27. The Balcony
28. Will You Come
29. Walk of Shame
30. Another Hero
31. A Giddy Thing
32. Last Dance
Much Ado About Nothing Canzone - Much Ado About Nothing Musica - Much Ado About Nothing Colonna Sonora - Much Ado About Nothing Partitura

“Una versione moderna della commedia di Shakespeare su due coppie di amanti con diverse visioni sull’amore e sulle parole.”

La colonna sonora di Much Ado About Nothing uscirà il 6 giugno 2013.