The Conspirator colonna sonora

Ed ecco la lista tracce della colonna sonora di The Conspirator, il film drammatico storico diretto da Robert Redford :

Colonna sonora originale di The Conspirator
Musica di Mark Isham
Assolo di violoncello di Zoe Keating

1. A Genuine War Hero – Film Version
2. Into Position
3. A Traitorous And Murderous Conspiracy
4. April 14, 1865
5. One Bullet, But Not One Man
6. The Conspirators
7. To Uphold One’s Oath
8. The Boarding House
9. Second Floor, On The Left
10. In The Matter Of Mary Surratt
11. If You Can Prove She’s Guilty…
12. Fools Like You
13. Anna
14. Sic Semper Tyrannis
15. Did You Hire This Man?
16. Mary Is Sick
17. Whose Side Are You On?
18. Lloyd Falters
19. Whiskey Pickup
20. Aiken Incriminates John
21. Aiken Antagonizes Lloyd
22. A Betraying Witness
23. Conduct Unbecoming
24. You Need To Tread Lightly
25. Anna Goes To Court
26. Anna Pleads To See Her Mother
27. Our Laws Are Written Here
28. Another Casualty Of War
29. There Should Only Be Three
30. I Will Not Abandon Her
31. In Times Of War, The Law Falls Silent, Pt. 1
32. In Times Of War, The Law Falls Silent, Pt. 2
33. 13 Steps
34. Peace At Last – Film Version
35. End Credits
36. A Genuine War Hero – Alt. Version
37. One Bullet, But Not One Man – Alt. Ending Pickup
38. Peace At Last – Original Version
Canzone di The Conspirator - Musica di The Conspirator - Colonna sonora di The Conspirator

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